1. The moon observes from its perch, high above the peak,
  2. Telling other creatures, their task is never complete.
  3. Far beneath the mountain a valley is carved,
  4. As a river churns for endless years, through stone so hard.
  1. Approaching like a hunter, the infinite byte
  2. Lighting the way for others to build into the night,
  3. The valley, the breeze, the animals, the trees,
  4. All working together, opening our eyes to see.
  1. Basking in the warm sun and breathing the mountain air.
  2. Learning from so many, working together is all that’s fair.
  3. All that we call nature is constantly changing.
  4. Each day, each hour, every minute rearranging.
  1. New paths taken as friends come along,
  2. Learning the outcomes in nature are rarely wrong.
  3. There to advise and to learn,
  4. Making sure progress survives every turn.

My ears twitch, nose wrinkles, and dawn is approaching. The birds are chirping, singing, a choir of melodies. I stretch, yawn, stand and greet the sun. No hint of rain or snow as I kick, cautiously thumping over the trodden ground of my home. It is time to feed, nibbling on the long grass dancing in the pink morning dew. It is a day for work; my quest will not complete itself. There is more to discover here - deeper caverns to dig - and I know that within them lies the truth. It is here, close at hand; the harder I work, the greater the excitement. I am so close, creating and discovering the truth of it all. A yearning for knowledge, a curiosity unsated as the day draws to a close. Night is coming and I know I must stop. Regret pulls at me from within and I feel it slow. The sky is orange, the stars are coming soon as the flowers have closed their petalled eyes. I am satisfied, appreciating the accomplishment before me. It is time to sleep and nestle in for the night, listening to the rising sounds of the crickets and frogs, a symphony to lure me into dreams. A job well done, another day gone, and visions fall upon me of endless greens and wide azure skies.